Installations and other forms

  • "Intentionally Left Blank _ for play" (2019-20) an interactive installation of graphic and visual art, concrete poetry and electronic compositions.
  • "[mensch]" (2019) vocal composition in graphic notation based on the sound of the German "MENSCH"
  • "I miss the cold" (2018) electronic composition based on microscopic fragments of voice recordings and grey noise
  • "Find Me" (2018) sound installation for my bachelor exam
  • "Debris" (2015) a commissioned work for the Art Collection Froehlich. Six installations inspired by the art of American artist Bruce Nauman and dealing with the question, of what it is that an Artist does, what it is that defines him and what it means to be an Artist.
  • "Durst" (2017/18) is a three-part-installation for the collaborative project "Transgeneration" by four artists working in different medias. Comissioned by the "Zentrum für Musikkultur" Lübeck