Alle Stücke wurden aufgeführt oder eine Uraufführung ist geplant. Die Aufnahmen sind aus rechtlichen Gründen nicht öffentlich verfügbar. Alle Aufnahmen und Partituren können auf persönlichen Wunsch geteilt werden.


All pieces were performed or are scheduled for premiere. Due to legal issues recordings are not avaiable online. All scores and recordings can be forwarded on personal request.

Chamber music

  • "Danse Macabre" (2015) for two pianos and two percussions, premiered by the ArtWork Ensemble at the 6th Hörfest Neue Musik Musik der Initiative Neue Musik Ostwestfalen- Lippe.
  • "Neuer blauer Planet I+II" (2015) for flute and percussion, composed to a painting by Klaus Bartels.
  • "Kammermusik I for Agnes Martin" (2016) is a piece for ensemble with thirteen musicians, inspired by the works and writings of Agnes Martin.
  • "Solitaire" (2016) written for the Ensemble Tempus Konnex, inspired by the installation "Irrkunst" of Edmund de Waal at the Gallery Max Hetzler in Berlin 2016
  • "Duo II for Francis Bacon" (2017) written for violin and accordion inspired by the works of Francis Bacon encountered in the exhibition "Francis Bacon. Unsichtbare Räume" of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart.
  • "Duo III for Emil Cioran" (2017) is based on an excerpt of Emil Cioran's "The Trouble With Being Born" and was written for the Bariton Erwan Tacher and Guitarist Martin Schley
  • "Duo IV for Charles Koechlin" (2017) composition for flute and clarinet based on the idea of an Art Monodique and centered around the basic elements of melody.
  • "Quintett II" (2018) composition based on a short poem by Samuel Walther.
  • "Nonett I" (2018) composition based on a text by Karl Marx in honor of the Karl-Marx-Jahr 2018
  • "sibylline - Trio I" (2018) trio for violin, piano and organ composed for the fellows of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes at the Musikhochschule Lübeck.
  • "Duo V" (2018/19) composition for clarinet and piano written for Viktor Soos and Julia Puls for the Deutsche Musikwettbewerb
  • "[syn] - Quintett III" (2019) string quintet commissioned by the Saarbrücker Sommermusik 2019
  • "[sim]- Duo VI for Pat Cadigan" (2019) composition for harp and analogue synthesizer "ARP Odyssey" inspired by the cyberpunk novel "Synners" by Pat Cadigan