Quintett II

Uraufführung: 10.7.2018, im Rahmen der Prüfung zum Bachelor of Music; Lübeck, Musikhochschule Großer Saal

Weitere Aufführungen: 17.09.2018, Ensemble Soundstreams (Kanada); Shanghai New Music Week 2018, Shanghai Conservatory of Music


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« Every friendship is an inconspicuous drama, a series of subtle wounds.»  (Emil Cioran)


This quintet creates a small and concentrated chamber theatre dealing with the questions of friendship, or human relationships in general. What Cioran calls “subtle wounds” is predominant in the used poem by Samuel Walther, the hurt, anger, pain, brutality, violence and abuse. Those raw elements are also musically the core aspect of the composition in its dominance of percussive sounds short and loud eruptions and articulated noise. But there is also a hidden beauty that holds the relationship intact embodied by the soloistic mezzo-soprano. She is alone, sometimes separated from the two couples, only commenting but ever present.


Schlag mich noch einmal,


Ins Gesicht, damit das Blut,


Dieses heiße Rot,


Über meine Lippen fließt.


Und meine Tränen,


Im Traum zu dir hin fallen


Auf den harten Stein,


Wie Sterne in den Nächten.


Dabei erfrierend


Bleiben sie stumme Zeugen,


Ein Mahnmal aus Eis,


Kraft, die durch uns beide strömt.





Strike me once more


In my face so that blood


This hotly red


Flows over my lips.


And all my tears


Falling to you in dreams


On the cold stone


As stars do at night.


Thereby freezing they


Stay as silent witnesses


Cenotaph of ice

Force that runs through both of us.